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Yoga Journal Live in San Diego this weekend! Let’s do this! Visit for Early Bird rates!

Yoga Journal Live in San Diego this weekend! Let’s do this! Visit for Early Bird rates!

The Daily Yogi #22: Creamy Kale Dream Smoothie

The Daily Yogi #22: Creamy Kale Dream Smoothie

kale cream dream


I recently bought a Nutribulletafter having a Magic Bullet for years. This product makes amazing smoothies! You can add stems and seeds, nuts as well as fruits and veggies. Be sure not to fill past the Max line. For this one I used Kale, Carrot, Banana, Green Apple, Pear, Dates, Avocado topped with Cilantro and Chia. For liquid, about 6 ounces of filtered water will do, or add any…

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My playlist for Sculpt tonight!

Uh, you don’t wanna mess with this.

My super dope playlist for Sculpt tonight. Thanks to peeps I follow for some of the inspiration.

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Episode 001 – The Eightfold Path

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The Daily Yogi #21: True That!

The Daily Yogi #21: True That!

true that Ghetto form of true, indeed, yep, I concur, I agree, that’s true Patanjula was a power sage, the real deal. His truth was raw and potent. What did he mean in this ancient sutra, and what does it mean for us today? Satya is a Sanskrit term for unchangeable, or absolute truth. We learn to consider satya in our studies of the yamas (ethical considerations) and nyamas

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The Daily Yogi #20: Yoga is Sexy

The Daily Yogi #20: Yoga is Sexy

“I’m not interested in yoga porn!” -Unnamed yoga teacher, regarding the image used in a recent post.

One of the tenets of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, a staple basic text of yoga, is not to engage in sexual intercourse. A niyama (ethical) yoga principle suggests brahmacarcya, non-excess, which is often taken to mean sexual purity. The literal translation is something like, “walking with God,”…

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The Daily Yogi #19: Own Your Awesome-OH YEAH!

The Daily Yogi #19: Own Your Awesome-OH YEAH!

Own Your Awesome, O.Y.A. OH YEAH! Yogi D wanna spell it out for y’all. A

Own your awesomeness


Because you’re bad to the bone
your inner truth wants to be shown
You’re not a alone
Do some yoga, get toned
Strengthen bone


Create your own potential
in business and residential


Destroy all illusions


Eliminate confusions
Engage your awesomeness
Every day you are amazed
Your confidence is never…

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